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From the board room to the shop floor.

Our Services

Operational Improvement

We are experts in getting operational improvement to happen in organisations. Underpinned by our Business Gearbox® methodology, we work HANDS ON with owners and managers to ‘get organised’ by identifying the most critical problems to solve and fixing them to achieve fast and transformational performance improvement. We are no ordinary business consultant!

· Strategic and Operational Planning

· Workflow Analysis and Process Improvement

· Daily Planning and Organisation

· Asset Management

· Project Management

- Human Resources Management

· Teams and Leadership

Business Coaching and Advisory Services

Our extensive operational backgrounds and professional qualifications fill the void in business coaching and advisory. We create the connection that business leaders need between finance, accounting and legal, and business operations.

Quality Certification Readiness

Our framework accelerates the ability of organisations to achieve ISO quality certification. We support businesses to put the processes in place to achieve initial certification and successful recertification over time.

Manager ‘On Call’

We provide short and long-term support in various roles from frontline leadership through to senior-exec management. We provide ‘fill-in’ services including developing and integrating new roles into organisations while first acting in the role ourselves.

Professional Development Support

We support organisations to develop their people. We use our own life experiences and blend this with our mechanical view of the business system to help professionals improve their personal skills and solve problems at work using proven solutions.

Business Consultant Mackay



It is a fact; most organisations exist for the purpose of money. The money is earned from certain products of services that the business provides to its customers - another fact. Very closely associated with the delivery of those products and services are tasks and activities that happen hour-by-hour, done by people at different levels of the organisation. It’s those activities which we like to call ‘THE WORK’.

Our operational improvement framework, the Business Gearbox® is a highly effective way of aligning teams behind what is most important to get right each day, and how well those things are happening right now? The architecture of the Business Gearbox® identifies the relationships between the products and services, the daily tasks, and the various components of the business system which enable those tasks to be completed in the most efficient and effective way.

The Business Gearbox® is underpinned by the proven continuous improvement principles of world class organisations and is enabling large and small businesses across multiple industries to achieve transformational performance improvement. Our Mechanics for Business® help your organisation to achieve improved results through sustainable business process and a focus on the most important things.

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