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Our Network

The strength in our organisation doesn’t just come from our people, or our improvement framework. We believe that the bigger the network, the better it is for everybody.

Our personal experiences, ever-growing list of clients, and professional connections means that we draw upon a wide and deep knowledge base. We can connect organisations with others who have walked the path before and build new relationships through real-life experiences and shared learning.

For intricate or sensitive matters, we will draw upon our trusted partner organisations who can provide specialist support when needed. We have built close working relationships with A-Grade level supporting service providers who share our view of the world.

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DEMARKEN GROUP and PRODUCTIVITY PEOPLE LIMITED in New Zealand have formed an alliance to achieve additional value for our clients.


This partnership is about two like-minded organisations who share a passion for continuous improvement.  With both companies working together, we are able to leverage capability, capacity and connection for transformational operational improvement across the Tasman, and the globe.

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