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Business Consultant, Mackay


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empowered PEOPLE

reliable EQUIPMENT and

continually improving PROCESSES

The 'connected' organisation.


We make it easy for organisations to work out where to start with their operational improvement journey. Our customised framework provides the roadmap needed to get everyone on the same page about which operational components have the most impact on the bottom line, and what needs to be done about them.

Highly Organised Teams

If you get organised, you will make money.

We can provide immediate and transformational change within your team as well as help teams to find better alignment and connection between business strategy and the front line. Our framework clarifies the overall operational plan and translates this into daily action in a highly visible and interactive way.


We help clients remove gaps and bottlenecks in the business system to get information and materials flowing how it should. Our scientific, yet simple approach to analysing the ‘flow of work’ clarifies how things should be done, who should be doing them, and when they should be done by.


Our approach to operational improvement is one where ‘maintenance’ is seen as a critical component of production. We bridge the traditional divide between production and maintenance by aligning the priorities of the teams to ensure the best overall outcome for the business; focused on preventing equipment failures.


Managers don't need stories.
They need help.

We understand what really goes on in organisations each day. Our team have all been there ourselves in large multinationals through to small family enterprises.

Improving business performance is not easy when you are consumed by the constant demands of daily operations. It’s hard to believe that so many organisations are struggling with getting the basics done, some of these basics are things they’ve been doing for many years already, but it just doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. Certain people in the organisation become the ‘glue’ holding it all together, plugging the holes in basic business process failures and making up for substandard team effectiveness.


These people are getting worn out.

The last thing business owners and managers need is a ‘fly-in, fly-out business consultant’ who want to sit around the board room table and talk strategy. They don’t need to receive recommendations and a ‘to-do list’ that they will never get done. They need on-the-ground help.

Strategy is very important, and it’s a part of what we do, but the strength in our support lies in our customised improvement framework together with our core approach of working IN your business WITH you and your team to get on top of the problems with misalignment and disconnectedness.

We are obsessed with fixing things. We fix businesses so they WORK better day-by-day

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Are you ready to experience simultaneous improvement across people, equipment and processes?

It is very easy to make operating a business far more complex than it needs to be.

What we know is that operational performance is a direct result of what happens (and does not happen) each day in organisations. We have seen many failed attempts focused on ‘fixing disengaged people’ with minimal impact on the bottom-line. Sure, people are important, but that’s not necessary where we start.

Our ‘mechanical first’ approach shows organisations how to deliver improved operational performance by balancing employee engagement against employee empowerment and concentrating on the right things first.

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